Paul Richards is the least of your problems

Paul Richards Is The Least Of Your Problems – Lounge Show – 02-02-16

Paul Richards really is the least of my problems at the moment. Last night he turned up at my house and performed a show in my living room, because, you know, that’s the sort of thing he does. He’s also rather good at it.

The show was called ‘Paul Richards is the least of your problems’ and was very much a work in progress. I reckon by the time he takes it to the Edinburgh Fringe it’s going to be fantastic and I’m hoping to catch the play again to see it in final form.

It’s quite a dark play in places, but I have a pretty dark sense of humour so I enjoyed myself. Even if some of his character’s “to-do” lists are terrifyingly familiar. If I die doing something stupid this year, Paul is the person I’d want to write about it.

Somehow we crammed eleven audience members in my living room and somehow Paul managed to complete the play while his voice started crapping out on him. Losing your voice on the second night of a five night run is probably a bit problematic when you’re starting your play with a Ginsters Rap.

Anyway, we had a great time, or at least I had fun. The night was completely not meant to be anything to do with me raising money for charity, but people stuck some money in my homemade charity tin anyway. I’ve got to open it at some point to see how much I’ve raised so far between the lounge show and my 24 hour fast. I’m a little bit scared to see how little I’ve got. I know every little helps, and I’ve not really been chasing for money yet – I’d rather people donate via JustGiving so that we get some Gift Aid too – but it turns out that I’m just not very good at asking people for money. This is not a good sign for someone who needs to ask an awful lot of people for a little bit of money.

Anyway, some of the fabulous people who invaded my living room for the evening donated regardless, which I’m very grateful for. It was a really good night and I’m rather happy. This might all work out okay after all.

Paul Richards is the least of your problems
Paul Richards, the least of my problems, live in my living room.


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