Homemade donation tin

Phill’s Week 4 Update – Starvation

I am now thirteen hours into my 24 hour fast. I’m starting to feel hungry, but it’s great to be getting the first stupid challenge under way.

This week has been a bit slow. It started okay, on Saturday I did my first ever full marathon distance run. It was nice to know that I could do it, but I’m really not looking forward to the boundary run. It took me four hours and fifteen minutes to complete and at least five hours to recover. I’d felt tired before I’d started, and really struggled at times, my left leg cramped up and I bruised my right foot. By the end of the run I was really only walking to drag myself over the line.

Everything then went a little bit quiet. Real life got in the way of doing anything particularly fun until Wednesday. One of my friends at work is helping in the attempt to organise a bake sale and so we started asking the proper people for permission to do that. Like everything I’m doing, it’s turning out to be a little bit complicated to organise, but the people who work in the canteen here have been really helpful, so hopefully this is going to work out well.

On Thursday I met with my former PhD supervisor, Rob Toulson. He offered to help me put together a charity CD, if I can get enough tracks together from local bands, and also to develop an iPhone app. He gave a few suggestions regarding where I could hold a charity gig, so I’ve got to get my backside in gear and get some gigs organised. I also got an e-mail off a friend of a friend, a guy called Matt who is going to be drawing up a logo for me, so that’s a little bit exciting.

And here we are back around to Friday, I’m thirteen hours into my 24 hour fast. I’m hungry, but mostly I’d just love a cup of tea. I usually drink a lot of tea, and supplement it with the odd energy drink. This is probably more difficult for me than some of the seemingly tricky things I’ve got planned. Still, I’ve received my first real donations to StupidWay.co.uk so things are now officially started.

My official donation tins haven’t arrived yet, so I had to knock something together. My handiwork was mocked, and there are now some charity stickers on the back to make it look a little more official.

Homemade donation tin
Looking forward to receiving some actual official donation tins.

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