Phill’s Weekly Wrap – Week 11.5 – A Stupid Gig

Well, this last week and a half have mostly been unproductive. For example, I totally failed to add any miles to my 1000 km challenge, I haven’t finished the second edit of my book and I still haven’t got around to organising a charity album featuring some of the most awesome local bands.

In fact the only really useful thing that I’ve done towards StupidWay recently has been to turn up to the Stupid Gig that I half-organised. Still, that was great; we raised £192 for charity, which finally takes StupidWay over the £1000 mark. Not as many people turned up as I’d have hoped for, but the people who turned up were all totally awesome and everyone seemed to enjoy the gig. The bands were excellent so a big shout out to Stephen Matthew, Enemies of Promise, Ian Jeffs, and Claudia and the Braidy Bunch for making it so much fun. If they hadn’t turned up I’d have been stood in a pub trying to charge people to watch an empty stage, which could have been awkward.

I’m taking Easter weekend off, then heading back to preparing for my 50-mile race, trying to organise this charity CD, a cabaret event and finish my book. There’s plenty for me to get done, but I’m always open to new suggestions for daft ways to raise some money.

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