StupidFest – A Comedy and Theatre Extravaganza

What?: Our very first Comedy StupidFest featuring some of the best the Edinburgh Fringe has to offer, (and also me).
Where?: The Red Bull, Newnham, Cambridge
When?: 7th October 2017, Doors – open on the hour for each show.
How much?: Tickets were £5 per show – with the money raised from ticket sales and donations going to the Macmillan Cancer Support charity.

And of course…

12pm: Phill Richardson: How Not to Die in the Wilderness
Second-rate semi-adventurer and bearded idiot Phill Richardson attempts to explain how he hardly ever almost dies in the wild. Warning: His chaotic ramblings and meandering experiences should not be taken expert advice.

1pm: Autopsy: The Soul of Richard Nixon
The soul of Richard Nixon attempts to justify his actions while the audience act as the jury. A dark comedy that poses the question: is it correct to do the wrong thing for the right reasons? Written by and starring Steve McLean

2pm: Andy Onions: PowerPointless
High-octane stand-up comedy show. Andy Onions (Resident MC of the Time Out recommended Freedom Fridge) takes you on a nonsensical multimedia journey. Films, game shows, computer games and obscure childhood sports are woven into Andy Onions daft tales. If you love Street Fighter II, Superman or quizzes then this show’s for you. Come and see a grown man in a Hawaiian shirt lose it for an hour. It will be the most lovable breakdown you’ll ever see. ‘Some say Andy put the compoop into nincompoop. I say he put the nin in there too’ (Tim Shishodia).

3pm: Norman the Mediocre Clown in: Rehabilitation
Dumped by his parents on the side of the A1066 (towards Thetford) as a baby, Norman – who was unfortunately born with a clown face, was picked up by a travelling circus. Dumped by the travelling circus on the side of the A502 (near Barnet) for not living up to expectations, Norman struggled to get a job in retail, because of that face of his. Join the world’s most reluctant clown as he attempts to launch his career in ‘entertainment’, whilst somehow concealing his dislike of people. Be kind, he’s doing his best.

4pm: Andy Quirk’s Got First World Problems
East London’s premier rapper of first world problems invites you to join his crew for a chart rundown of fist-pumping therapy for modern living. With the energy turned firmly to eleven, expect to shout, clap, and stamp your way through the little things that are truly sent to try us all. ‘Superb’ (Rory McGrath).

5pm: Zahra Barri – Zahra: Warrior Not Princess
Zahra has never stood in front of a mirror & taken a Selfie. She’s more likely to stand in front of the mirror and ask herself to make a change. From Kim Kardashian’s Career to Kim Jung Un’s Korea, the world is a constant mix of War and Priss and Zahra really wants to be a Warrior, not a Princess. After all, Mohammed Ali arguably the greatest warrior in the world said ‘My way of joking is to tell the truth, thats the funniest joke in the world.’ As heard on BBC Radio 4 Extra, BBC Radio 2 and Talk Radio. ‘Terrific’ Venue Magazine

6pm: Scott Adams: Getting Away Scott Free
After a 2016/17 tour of hit shows in the UK, Australia and USA, Scott Adams shows you his world of Love, Hate and numerous mistakes that have turned him into the numpty he is today. 

‘A barrage of rapid fire jokes’ ***** Voice Mag 

‘A real comedy treat, loved it!’ **** Threeweeks.

7pm: Friz Frizzle Gets his Organ Out
Friz Frizzle (The Now Show, Musical Comedy Award Finalist 2017) is a Songruiner. Armed with a piano, he’ll take the tunes you know and love and mess about with them until you don’t want to know or love them anymore. It’s better than it sounds.

8pm: President Obonjo: Rise of the Comedy Dictator
President Obonjo returns to perform his new show, The Rise of a Comedy Dictator. In the age of Trump, populism and Brexit, the world probably doesn’t need another bloated ego pretending to give easy solutions. Thankfully, what we need is a comedy character who skewers them with precision, hilarity and who isn’t afraid at showing vulnerability. President Obonjo leads a Comedy Revolution.

9pm: Paul Richards and Something that Vaguely Resembles a Choir Proudly Present the Complete History of Pop Music in 45 minutes
45 minutes, 1 lanky host, a lovely mismatched bunch of singers and musicians, the ENTIRE history of pop music. Expect very special guests and far too much Spandau Ballet.


So How Did It Go?

Write up coming soon, but really, it went quite well. There were some excellent performances and we raised another £387.10 for Macmillan Cancer Support, every little helps and it’s taking us closer to the magic targets :).

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