Phill’s Weekly Wrap – Week 8 – I love it when a plan comes together

It’s been another interesting week in the life of Phill. Well, it’s been interesting for me anyway. Monday was great. The Corner House confirmed a booking for a gig on the 23rd March. Some really fantastic people confirmed that they would be playing the gig, so out of nowhere I went from having nothing really organised to having everything set up. I love it when a plan comes together.

Once again Tuesday must have happened, but I can’t recall doing anything StupidWay related on Tuesday.

On Wednesday and Thursday the final preparations for next week’s bake sale started. Cakes have been ordered, miscellaneous paper plates, cake slices, float monies and such have acquired. We are still a little short of people to help stand there and sell the cake, but hopefully it’ll all turn out okay. I can’t help but feel that chaos will occur, but at least if it’s chaotic that means we are selling a lot of cake.

Thursday also saw me decide to attempt to organise a last minute raffle for the bake sale. I didn’t have any prizes, so I dragged a kickboxer out to hunt for some. She had better blagging skills than me and made the whole walking around town begging for prizes a lot more fun. I need to go out and get some more prizes on Monday and Tuesday. I still don’t actually have any raffle tickets.

Saturday saw me finally reach 50+ likes on my Facebook page. That gave me the chance to celebrate by announcing the first Stupid Gig of the year, featuring Claudia and The Braidy Bunch, Enemies of Promise and some very special guests. It’s going to be a great gig, and hopefully will help raise a bit of cash.

Saturday also saw me doing a bit of kickboxing training, where I attempted to train properly for the first time in like forever. I ended up getting kneed in my right thigh, another knee to my left hip and I managed to stick my ankle into someone else’s elbow. These things now hurt. I also managed to pull the adductor in my right leg. This was not ideal preparation for my Sunday run.

I limped along to a gig at The Corner House where 4th Labyrinth were playing. I was tired and hurt, but had fun anyway. I’m going to have to drag them out for another gig if the one on March 23rd is a success. It’s always nice to hang out with cool people doing cool things.

Sunday was always going to be my last long run before next week’s Boundary Run. It was going to be absolutely awesome, I’d blast out 35 km and feel great, ready for a week of relaxing. Instead my knee failed on me. I was only 22 km into my run when it did this. I dragged myself round to a slow, miserable 29 km. I’m not entirely convinced that next week’s marathon is going to be anything other than slow and painful. I’m going to give it a go regardless, even if I have to crawl over the finish line I’m not backing out.

So there we go, another generally good week. I’m feeling a little bit sore, but I have a week to recover. Tomorrow I will limp around a little and search out some more raffle prizes. Wednesday I have a bake sale to mismanage. Saturday I’ll be shouting at Kickboxers hoping that they will win the Cambridge vs Oxford Varsity event (tickets still available!). Sunday I’ll be running, walking, limping and crawling 26 miles. It’s all going to be awesome.

Runing a marathon with a knackered knee, that counts as stupid right? If you think I deserve a beer for my efforts please donate to my JustGiving page.

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