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Phill’s Weekly Wrap – Week 5 – Let the fundraising commence

So this it, over the last week I’ve finally started taking donations. I haven’t opened the donation tin yet, I’m a bit worried about how little is in there, and also it seems people are quicker to donate to a tin that already has change rattling around in it than one which is empty, so I’ll be sure to keep some change in there even when I do empty most of it out. It turns out that I’m not very good at asking for money from people. This might be a little bit problematic given I’m trying to raise £10,000 over the next twelve months. Still, we’ve got started and now it’s time to really let the fundraising commence!

Last Friday ended with me completing my 24 hour fast. I still had brownies left over, so I used them as fuel for my marathon distance training run on the Saturday. I ran a marathon’s worth of distance in around 3 hours 44 minutes, which I’m quite pleased with. Hopefully, barring injury, I’ll be able to complete the proper Cambridge Boundary Run marathon okay.

Over the weekend Matt Corrall magicked up a logo for StupidWay. The site had felt a little bit unfinished without a proper header image, and my social media stuff was all a bit barren without any images. I’m really pleased with how the log has turned out. I think I’ll have to get myself a t-shirt made up with the logo on it.

On Tuesday I had a play performed in my living room by Paul Richards. It was a really good night and a few more coins went into my silly little donation tin. Paul’s going to be helping out with a few other shows over the course of the year, so hopefully we’ll raise some money through some slightly more official events. A lounge play is good fun, but I can’t really fit a lot of people in my living room.

Wednesday saw some of the real donation tins finally arrive. I now own a Macmillan and Unicef t-shirt too, so I am going to be wandering around like a charity billboard for the rest of the year.

Thursday saw us get the okay for a Charity Bake Sale in the Engineering Department here at Cambridge University. To be honest, Laura has been doing a lot of the leg work with this one. She’s been an absolute star in getting us permission to get things done, now I’ve just got to get my backside in gear and start getting posters, float money, volunteers and all that sort of stuff organised.

And now we’re back around to Friday, I’ve added another 10 km to my 1000 km challenge before work this morning. Having a marathon to train for is helping me get ahead of the game as far as distance is concerned, but I’ve got to start being careful that I don’t overdo it. I’m beginning to feel a little bit tired.

I’ve got some exciting things for the weekend, although it’s possible I won’t get around to any of them. I’ve got a load of people to e-mail and chase up about things, a venue to find for the charity gig, and a second draft of my book about my month hiking in the Pyrenees to complete. I need more hours in the day. I also need a pint.

If you think this week deserves a pint, please donate the cost of a pint to my JustGiving page. I’d rather have a £4 donation than the beer!

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