Phill’s Week 1 Update – Welcome to StupidWay

I don’t really feel that I have made a lot of progress towards raising £10,000 this week. I suppose part of that is down to it being the first week back at work after Christmas. I don’t feel as though I’ve done enough at work either. I more feel like I’ve got a head filled with cabbage. I have a cold.

I’ve started getting a plan together for which challenges and events I should prioritise. There are some things I’d really like to do, but as much as they’d entertain me, other people don’t seem too keen on the idea. Some ideas cost a lot of money, and if I’m going to be spending more of my own money than I’d raise from doing something, at some point I’ve got to question the value of doing it ahead of other fundraising ideas. On the flip side, there are ideas that I didn’t think would work that well have been really well received. There are a few things I can do which are relatively quick and easy too, so those are the sorts of things I should prioritise for early in the year. Overall, this is all much more complicated and much harder work than I anticipated. Ah well, I’m committed now. 🙂

I’ve really struggled with working out which local charity I should choose. I’ve come across quite a few websites, I’ve asked people at work if they recommend any local charities, but none of the ones that I’ve seen so far quite feel like the right charity to raise money for. It’s a little bit frustrating, because it’s one of the next big things that I need to do before really publicising what it is that I’m doing.

On the bright side, however, a work colleague of mine has thought up a name for this daft project. Given that I am raising £10k, and that I am ultimately going to be doing stupid things to achieve this, the slogan “Raising £10k the stupid way” has a nice sense of rhyme. That’s a bit long for the name of a website, but somewhat surprisingly was available, so I took it. At least now I have an e-mail address to use for all things charity related and have started putting together a website which will keep track of all my charity events over the course of 2016.

So there we have it, I’ve now got a website.

Welcome to StupidWay

As always, you can donate to any of my chosen charities by visiting my JustGiving page.

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