The Grand Tour of Skiddaw

Following on from completing the Pen Llyn Ultra, I realised that I was only a few points away from qualifying for one of the races that form part of the UTMB series – either the CCC with 101 km of across and 6.1 km of up and down, or the TDS with 119 km of across and 7.2 km of up and down. These looked like they might be fun enough to apply for, but I would need more qualifying points, and unfortunately my own grand tour of Cape Wrath is not worth any qualifying points. As such I decided that having (hopefully) walked 220 miles, I would be able to hop on a bus then a train, get myself to the Lake District and have a quick run up and down Skiddaw. What’s the worst that could happen? Well, I don’t know yet, but check back here after the 2nd of September to find out!

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