CUKBS Kickboxing Calendar – 2017 edition

There are some amazing people in my life. Some of those amazing people are selling a calendar full of pictures of them wearing not a lot (or less), all to help with raising £10,000 for charity. These people are kickboxers, and so some of them are not too bad to look at, and besides it’s a charity calendar, all the money is going to a great cause – I’ll be chucking the proceeds into my Little Miracles tin. There really is no reason not to buy a calendar.

It really made my day when they announced they would support StupidWay this way. Even though I put a lot of effort into getting them ready to fight each year, putting them through circuit training, sprints and sparring sessions to condition their body and mind, I get a lot of reward out of helping them improve and get great satisfaction from watching their hand being the one raised when they win their fights. The CUKBS Club isn’t a big one, each year they just about break even, they could do with finding a company to sponsor them, so nobody would have blamed them if they had put this calendar together to put their club firmly in the black, or even decided to split the proceeds evenly between the club and StupidWay, but no, all proceeds will be going straight to charity, which I think is a fantastic gesture on their part, so I’m hoping to help them sell as many calendars as possible.

Their master plan? They are hoping to raise £500 through kickboxing charity calendar which is now officially on sale for £10 each or 2 for £15. You get a classy yet cheeky calendar of kickboxing guys and gals to adorn you wall for 2017. Need a Secret Santa gift? Stuck for Christmas present ideas? Then this is what you need to get

The CUKBS Charity Calendar is now available for sale.
The CUKBS Charity Calendar is now available for sale.

A great big thank you to Alex, Alexandra, Anna, Duncan, Farakh, George, Jessica, John, Kaylyn, Kerry, Leland, Pascal, Peter, Sarah, Shayan and all at CUKBS for their support and for making this wonderful calendar actually happen.

We have raised £418 through selling copies of this calendar which is a most awesome amount of money.

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