A photo of me in the dark

Phill’s Weeklyish Update – Alone in the Dark

Progress is once again being made.

I’ve been running again, this time I was very much Alone in the Dark. I found it quite strange running alongside the river in the dark, with the trees and hedgerows on the other side of me. I’m not the most fearful person in the world, but I have to admit there was a little bit of an edge to the run that’s not there on your usual sunny day. I felt a little more vulnerable out there than usual. It was interesting.

I also learnt that you shouldn’t send text messages while running off road at night. I had somewhat of a minor slip where I very elegantly almost but didn’t quite fall over, instead choosing to just twist my knee a little bit. As you can probably gather, this isn’t ideal preparation for my first ultramarathon, but bugger it, what’s the worst that can happen? I’ve since rested it, put some ice on it and eaten my recommended dose of ibuprofen. All will be good. I’ll post an update about how the run goes at the weekend.

In other news, all the details are finally sorted for the Make or Break Mixtape show. The show – fresh from a run at the Edinburgh Fringe last year and a recent London residency, is touring the UK in May. This special performance for StupidWay is going to be held at the Red Bull in Cambridge on Wednesday May 18th.

“Paul Richards has met a girl! And he’s going to make her the best compilation ever! The only problem is…there’s a lot of ‘greatest songs ever written.’ Join Paul, double bassist supremo Edd Evans-Morley and guitarist Rob Taylor as they embark on a live musical adventure to create THE perfect mix tape.”

If that sounds like your thing then please come along, tickets are available at: https://www.ticketsource.co.uk/event/EGFFJF

You can see a sneak preview of it here.

Other than that things have been coasting a little bit recently. I’m slowly catching up with where I need to be. So you should expect exciting updates again next week, unless I end up in hospital after my run…

A photo of me in the dark
While you wait for more updates, enjoy this photo of me running in the dark

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